System Testing

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System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. System testing falls within the scope of black box testing, and as such, should require no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic. [1]

As a rule, system testing takes, as its input, all of the "integrated" software components that have successfully passed integration testing and also the software system itself integrated with any applicable hardware system(s). The purpose of integration testing is to detect any inconsistencies between the software units that are integrated together (called assemblages) or between any of the assemblages and the hardware. System testing is a more limiting type of testing; it seeks to detect defects both within the "inter-assemblages" and also within the system as a whole.

Types of System Testing:

The following examples are different types of testing that should be considered during System testing:

* GUI software testing
* Usability testing
* Performance testing
* Compatibility testing
* Error handling testing
* Load testing
* Volume testing
* Stress testing
* Security testing
* Scalability testing
* Sanity testing
* Smoke testing
* Exploratory testing
* Ad hoc testing
* Regression testing
* Reliability testing
* Recovery testing
* Installation testing
* Maintenance testing
* Recovery testing and failover testing.
* Accessibility testing, including compliance with:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Although different testing organizations may prescribe different tests as part of System testing, this list serves as a general framework or foundation to begin with.

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