Semi-Detached Projects

Estimating with COCOMO begins with determining the type of project to be estimated. Project types can be classified as:

* Organic—These are routine projects where the technology, processes, and people are expected all to work together smoothly. One may view these types of projects as the easy projects, where few problems are expected.
* Embedded—An embedded project is viewed as a challenging project. For example, it may be a system to support a new business process or an area that is new ground for the organization. The people may be less experienced, and the processes and technology may be less mature.
* Semi-Detached—If organic projects are viewed as easy and embedded as difficult or challenging, then semi-detached fall somewhere in the middle. These projects may not be simple and straightforward, but the organization feels confident that its processes, people, and technology in place are adequate to meet the challenge.

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