Riordan HR Integration Project

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Assignment Description:

2. Individual Assignment: SR-rm-004 Project

· Resources: Service Request SR-rm-004, Analyze HR System from the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization and the Microsoft Project file Riordan HR Integration Template

· Access Service Request SR-rm-004.

· Access and update the Riordan HR Integration Template with tasks necessary to integrate current HR functions into a single, integrated system. You may have to modify titles of high-level tasks to appropriately represent activities going forward.

· Submit the updated task list to your facilitator for grading.

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC):



1. Planning
2. Analysis
3. Design
4. Implementation
5. Maintenance

Riordan Manufacturing - Network/System Diagrams:

Overview of Entire Riordan Systems

Albany, GA Diagram

China Diagram

Pontiac, MI Diagram

Riordan - San Jose, CA - Corporate Headquarters - Network Diagram

Riordan's HR Structure & Hierarchy:


Integration Project Stages:

I. Define the Problem - Conduct Interviews

1. Director of Human Resources:

Yvonne McMillan

2. Employee Relations Specialist:

Carl Green

3. Employee Relations Manager:

Andrea Garnby

4. Compensation & Benefits Manager:

Terri Carranza

5. Compensation Analyst:

Anne Pham

6. Payroll Manager:

Silvija Peterson

7. Payroll/Tax Clerk:

Anna Richlich

8. Recruiter - Profession Staff:

Eric Myers

9. Training & Development Specialist:

Mari Carillo

10. Safety Manager:

Chad Sterken

Important Project Links:

Riordan Integration Paper

Microsoft Project File - Riordan HR Integration Project

Phil's Final Riordan Integration Project MPP

SR-rm-004 Service Request for Riordan HR Integration Project

University of Phoenix: Academic Materials & Tools

Virtual Organizations

Additional Sources/Links:

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Gantt Charts - About Gantt Charts

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