Multi-Dimensional Databases

Multidimensional databases

Multidimensional structure is defined as “a variation of the relational model that uses multidimensional structures to organize data and express the relationships between data” (O'Brien & Marakas, 2009, pg 177). The structure is broken into cubes and the cubes are able to store and access data within the confines of each cube. “Each cell within a multidimensional structure contains aggregated data related to elements along each of its dimensions” (pg. 178). Even when data is manipulated it is still easy to access as well as be a compact type of database. The data still remains interrelated. Multidimensional structure is quite popular for analytical databases that use online analytical processing (OLAP) applications (O’Brien & Marakas, 2009). Analytical databases use these databases because of their ability to deliver answers quickly to complex business queries. Data can be seen from different ways, which gives a broader picture of a problem unlike other models (Williams, Garza, Tucker & Marcus, 1994).

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