Managed Query Environments

Managed Query Environments.

The term managed query environment has been adopted by the
industry to describe a query and reporting package that allows IT control over users' access to data and
application facilities in accordance with each user's level of expertise and business needs. For example,
in some organizations, IT may build a set of queries and report structures and require that employees use
only the IT-created structures; in other organizations, and perhaps within other areas of the same
organization, employees are permitted to define their own queries and create custom reports.
A managed report environment (MRE) is a type of managed query environment. It is a report design,
generation, and processing environment that permits the centralized control of reporting. To users, an
MRE provides an intelligent report viewer that may contain hyperlinks between relevant parts of a
document or allow embedded OLE objects such as Excel spreadsheets within the report. MREs have
familiar desktop interfaces; for example, SAP's Business Objects tabbed interface allows employees to
handle multiple reports in the same way they would handle multiple spreadsheets in an Excel workbook.
Some MREs, such as Information Builders' FOCUS Report Server, can handle the scheduling and
distribution of reports, as well as their processing. For example, SAP Business Object's Crystal Reports
can develop reports about previously created reports.

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