Keyesian Project Philosophy

Paul and class, most of you probably took an educated guess to produce your cost estimates. As we've already discussed, creating a project plan is not a job for a "newbie." One needs an experienced hand with sufficient organizational knowledge. What I mean is that the person who will produce the most accurate estimate is the person who, at minimum:

1. Understands the business aspects of the project (the organizational knowledge).

2. Understands the strengths and weaknesses of each person to be assigned to the project, thus able to estimate the time it would take that person to complete an assigned task.

3. Understands the technical nature of the project such that he or she is able to break the project down into the discrete tasks and subtasks that go into the WBS (work breakdown structure, which is on the left hand side of the Gantt chart in MS Project).

4. Knows resource prices. Most PMs know how much they need to "charge" for a database analysts' hour, for example. If they don't know this, they can always touch base with Human Resources. For this class assignment, it is hoped that you all used a jobs website such as or to figure out how much each resource costs.

How does one go about training a "newbie" to do this sort of job?

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