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You'll also get hot new strategies and techniques presented in clear, step-by-step, easy-to-apply language:

* Strategies that can help HR make the business case for an intranet investment to CFO, CIO and other C-Suite players
* How to make sure the investment is paying off by learning how to monitor an intranet’s key metrics: cutting costs and improving productivity
* The latest intranet design trends and content management practices that are helping HR turn the intranet into a vital business tool for employees
* How to build a portal that allows employees to pick and choose the content they need to do their jobs better
* How to deliver employee self-service by adding applications that allow workers to manage their calendars, 401(k)s, and other HR transactions
* The use of "wikis" and electronic whiteboards in fostering employee collaboration
* How to add features that reduce endless streams of emails, memos, pamphlets, and handbooks
* How to use the portal as a retention tool by adding the latest career management applications
* How the intranet can keep mobile workforce up to the speed on critical company organization and boost their productivity
* How to stay compliant and keep inaccurate or misleading information off a portal

Some organizations derive a huge benefit from their HR intranet, while others fail to capitalize on the huge potential. In this event, we'll explore what's working and help you get the very best out of this exciting and evolving technology.

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