Favorite Genealogy Resources:

Castle Garden - America's First Immigration Center (1855 to 1890)

Ellis Island (1892+)

Family Search (Mormons)

Find-A-Grave - Search

Fulton History: Newspaper Archive

NYS Historic Newspapers

Green Free Library - Newspaper Archive

Miscellaneous Steuben County, New York Obituaries

Newspaper Archives:

Access Pennsylvania Digital Repository

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online

Fulton History: Newspaper Archive

Green Free Library - Newspaper Archive

Google News Archive Search

Library of Congress: Chronicling of America - Newspaper Archive

Wisconsin Historical Society

Genealogy Search Tools:

Access PA Digital Repository


Ancient Faces - Old Photos

Archives.com - Genealogy Search

Castle Garden - Immigration Search 1820-1892

DOB Search - Free Death Record Search

Ellis Island Portal - Immigration Search 1892+

Family Search (Mormons)

Find-A-Grave - Search

Genealogy Buff - Obit Search

Interment.com - Cemetery Records

Irish Genealogy - Official Irish Gov. Gen. Site

Irish Times - Irish Ancestry

The Return of Calendar

Steuben County Legals - Wills, Adoption Records, etc.

Steve Morse - Genealogy/Census Search Tools

Family Tree Sites:

Genealogy Bookmarks

Geni.com - Family Tree

Geni.com: Tree of Adam

Geni.com: Tree & Profile of Shem

MyHeritage.com: Family Tree

Genealogy Books:

The Goodrich family in America. A genealogy of the descendants of John and...edited by Lafayette Wallace Case

A Comstock genealogy: descendants of William Comstock of New London, Conn ...

Genealogy of the Balch Families in America - By: Galusha B. Balch

Google Books

Family History Sites:

Balch Family History (Tripod)

Balchipedia (Wikidot)

Pabipedia (Wikidot)

Pockipedia (Wikidot)

SteubenWiki (Wikidot)

Family Tree - Interesting Points of Convergence:

Famous People:

Alfred the Great - King of Wessex and "King of the Anglo-Saxons"

Charles Martel - "The Hammer" - defeated Islamic forces with a Frankish Army.

Charlemagne - Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Sir Francis Drake - English "Privateer" under Queen Elizabeth

William "The Conqueror" FitzRobert I - Norman Conqueror in 1066

Dutch Connection:

Mary Van Auken (Dutch) - Wife of Solomon Tice (Murdered)


Ella Nora Goodrich - Married to Tabor T. Colegrove

Leonora Orcela Colegrove - Married to Daniel Dennis Goodrich


Catherine Goodrich - Married to William Allen Beers

Cynthia Goodrich - Married to Hezekiah Beers

Frank W. Goodrich - Married to Anna M. Beers


Lorana Drake - Married to Jonathan Thompson

Moses Thompson - Two of his Children became my Great Grandparents

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