Deliverable Structure Chart (DSC)

The DSC defines the phases and deliverables for our project. Now we can subdivide the project work into lower levels of detail or components that represent a verifiable product, service, or result. After a team meeting, let’s say that we have identified and discussed several activities that we need to do in order to produce the test results document:

* Review the test plan with the client so that key stakeholders are clear as to what we will be testing, how we will conduct the tests, and when the tests will be carried out. This review may be done as a courtesy or because we need specific support from the client’s organization and, therefore, must inform them when that support will be required.
* After we have informed the client that we will test the system, we basically carry out the tests outlined in the test plan.
* Once we have collected the test results, we need to analyze them.
* After we analyze the results, we will need to summarize them in the form of a report and presentation to the client.
* If all goes well, then the client will approve or sign off on the test results. Then we can move on to the implementation phase of our project. If all does not go well, we need to address and fix any problems. Keep in mind that the test phase is not complete just because we have developed a test plan and created a test report. The client will sign off on the test results only if the system meets certain predetermined quality standards.

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